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Checking the diameter & uniformity of sutures
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Peters Surgical India has it's cwn full in-house testing facility, approved by FDA-India, to perform complete Physical,Microbiological and Instrumental tests as per USP norms and our in-house standards. In addition all Sutures manufactured by us are subjected to regular in-vitro testing and complete Biocompatibility study. Rigorous control and strict adherence to quality specifications have enabled us to ensure guaranteed reliability of our products. Raw materials used in manufacturing go through strict testing procedures to produce finished products in compliance with USP standards. The long-term stability of each batch is monitored continuously and post marketing surveillance is conducted on random batches to assess the performance of the product after dispatch.
Needle crimping on a pneumatically operated crimping machine where eyeless needles are attached to individual suture strands.
Need leinspection under illuminated magnifying glass

*Checking minute defects

Microbiology Laboratory-Inhouse Sterility Testing