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Round Bodied Needles

Round bodied Needles are designed to separate tissue fibres rather than cut them, they are used for the soft tissue or where easy splitting of tissue fibres is possible. After the passage of the needle, the tissue closes tightly round the suture material, thereby forming a leak-proof suture line.

Ideal Applications:
Intestinal and Cardiovascular surgeries

Heavy Needles
In surgeries where strong needles are required ,it is found that there is no relationship between the diameter of the needle and that of the suture material to which it is attached.

Ideal Applications: Hernia repairs, Obstetric and Gynaec-ological, Orthopaedic surgeries.

Blunt Point Needles
These needles have been designed for suturing the extremely friable vascular tissue.

Ideal Applications: Liver, Kidney and Spleen.

Trocar Point Needles
These needles have a strong cutting head, which then merges into a robust round body. The design of the cutting head has been improved to ensure penetration, even in dense tissue.

Ideal Applications: Obstetric, Gyanecology, Orthopaedics surgeries.

Cut Taper Needles
These needles combines the initial penetration of a reverse cutting needle with the minimised trauma of a round bodied needle. The cutting tip is limited to the point of the needle,which then tapers out to merge smoothly into a round cross section.
Ideal Applications: Cardiovascular procedures.