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Cutting Needles

Cutting needles are required wherever tough or dense tissues needs to be sutured. There are three types of cutting needles available as below:

Reverse Cutting Needles
The body of these needles are triangular in cross section having the apex cutting edge on the outside of the needle curvature. This improves the strength of the needle and particularly increases its resistance to bending.

Ideal Applications: Skin Closure, Plastic Surgeries.

Conventional Cutting Needles
These needles have a triangular cross section with the apex on the inside of the needle curvature. The effective cutting edges are restricted to the front section of the needles and run into a triangulated body which continues for half the length of the needle.

Ideal Applications: Relatively soft tissues.

Slim Blade Needles
The geometry of the point of these needles are designed to provide clean and smooth penetration.

Ideal Applications: Plastic and Cosmetic surgeries.