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The surgical suture needles are manufactured from Martensitic grade of stainless steel conforming to medical grade specification. The material conforms to AISI 420 and AISI 300, equivalent to EN 56D or JIS SUS 420 J2, as well DIN erkstofnummer 1.4031.

The needles are hardened and tempered to a controlled hardness of VPN 525 to 625 ensuring adequate stiffness and eliminating brittleness to withstand the suturing pressure.

The needles also conforms to the general requirements laid down in IS-9165-1992 Part 1. It also meet the corrosion resistance standard specified in IS-7531-1990, and in US Federal specification GGN 211b. The needles are polished to minimise microasperities on the surface by a series of mechanical polishing operations followed by electro-polishing. This reduces tissue drag during suturing operation
to a minimum.

We also offer sutures with SS300 series drilled end needles  made by Renodex, France and FSSB, Germany, against customer request.

A strict quality control Protocol is followed at each stage of manufacturing.
This includes -

:: Sharpness testing
:: Stiffness test
:: Ductility test
:: Channel closing test
:: Suture to needle attachment test
:: Corrosion resistance

All needles are silicon coated to reduce tissue drag and enhance point durabilty.

The choice of needle shape is frequently governed by the accessibility of the tissues to be sutured, and normally the more confined the operative site the greater, the curvature required.